Project Regeneration Volume 2 CD Digipack

Project Regeneration Volume 2 CD Digipack

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Project Regeneration Vol 2 is a collection of 13 brand-new Static-X songs which contain the final vocal performances & musical compositions of founding vocalist Wayne Static, along with the original Wisconsin Death Trip lineup featuring Tony Campos (bass), Koichi Fukuda (guitars) and Ken Jay (drums). The new album was produced by the band’s current vocalist/guitarist Xer0 and mixed/mastered by long-time collaborator Ulrich Wild and is the 2nd installment of the 2-part release.

All digipack bundles come with a limited edition double sleeve, which both Volume 1 and 2 are able to slide into. This allows Project Regeneration Vol 1 and 2 to be housed together as a completed set.

Digipak contains:
- Full-length album on CD
- 18 page fold out artwork

Also includes a digital download of album upon release and all singles as they are released.

This will ship the week of release Jan 26, 2024