Static-X Release The Z0mbie Music Video

By Lekberg Enterprises

Static-X Release The Z0mbie Music Video

On the heels of the excitement about the kickoff of the first leg of the Machine Killer tour this week, Static-X are releasing another music video from the upcoming album Project Regeneration: Vol. 2. The song – “Z0mbie” - is a driving aural assault that demonstrates the Evil Disco sound Static-X is known for.

The video for “Z0mbie” can be seen here.

The track features Xer0 on lead vocals, with a guitar riff created by band founder Wayne Static and was recorded by the original Wisconsin Death Trip lineup of Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay. The music video is an animated clip created by Makinita Silva and directed by Static-X creative director Edsel Dope. The video takes the viewer on a psychedelic, drug fueled, sex ride, featuring a host of colorful characters and is the perfect companion for the latest track from Project Regeneration: Vol. 2.

Project Regeneration Volume 2 will be released Jan 26th, 2024, just before the 2nd leg of the Machine Killer tour. Pre-order your copy and receive digital downloads of each single as they are released!