Machine (20th Anniversary Edition) Signed Vinyl

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Limited to just 2,500 total copies, this remastered, double vinyl album comes in 4 different vinyl colors with 3 bonus tracks and includes reimagined art.  Side D is etched with the Shock symbol and all copies include a signed print of the album cover.  This product will ship the week of Feb 18th, 2022.


Side A
01_Bien Venidos_00:23
02_Get To The Gone_02:49
04_Black And White_03:50
05_This Is Not_02:57
06_Otsego Undead_03:29

Side B
08_Structural Defect_03:39
09_...In A Bag_04:21
10_Burn To Burn_04:17
12_A Dios Alma Perdida_05:58

Side C
01_I'm With Stupid (Live 2019 Regeneration)_03:27
02_Wisconsin Death Trip (Live 2019 Regeneration)_03:11
03_Sweat of the Bud (Live 2019 Xer0)_03:21