Xer0 Ultimate VIP Instructions


  • The guitar will be shipped directly to you, in advance of the show.
  • After receiving your guitar, you will bring it with you to the show. 
  • Prior to the show, you will receive an email with the private contact information for a Static-X crew member, who will collect the guitar from you, so that it can be tuned properly and prepped for the show.  
  • After handing off the guitar, you will check in at the Static-X merch booth, where you will receive your VIP passes, T-Shirts, & instructions for the rest of your experience. 
  • You will need to show your receipt / order number to the Static-X Merch person to claim your VIP package.
  • Meet & Greet with Xer0 will take place backstage, before the Static-X set.
  • After meeting with Xer0, you and your guest will be escorted to your side stage viewing area to watch the Static-X show.
  • Meet & Greet with Tony, Ken, & Koichi will take place about 30 min after the show.

Note: Guitars are currently in production.  You should expect for the guitar to ship to you prior to the tour.

*DOES NOT include a ticket to the show.